A Law Firm Dedicated
to Civil Rights and Social

01. About The Vieira Firm

The Vieira Firm is a public interest law firm that focuses on helping people.

02. Civil Rights Law

Civil Rights are human rights. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

03. Our Vision

We use our skills, knowledge and experience to impact change, be a voice to those who need it, and to combat social injustice.

04. Areas of Practice

In addition to all types of Civil Rights cases, our practice areas include Immigration and Personal Injury. 

A Law Firm
Dedicated to
Civil Rights &
Social Justice

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about the vieira firm

A Nevada Public Interest Law Firm Dedicated to Helping People

The Vieira Firm, founded by Andréa L. Vieira, Esq., is dedicated to helping people whose rights have been violated by the government, people who are facing an immigration issue, and people who have been injured.

We are a law firm dedicated to Civil Rights and Social Justice.

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Why Choose The Vieira Firm

Knowledgable, Experienced, and Motivated to Fight For Your Rights

When our rights are violated, we may not know where to turn for help. Andréa has the knowledge and experience to help people understand their rights, and the motivation to help fight for those rights. Andréa is an immigrant and before becoming an attorney, she worked for over 20 years as a paralegal. She has seen firsthand the destruction that abuse of power can cause in a person’s life, and she has helped thousands of people seek redress for the harms inflicted on them.

During law school, Andréa earned CALI Awards in Civil Rights, Critical Race Theory, Pre-trial Advocacy, and Advanced Advocacy: Appellate Court. She also worked with the Immigration Clinic as a student volunteer assisting members of the community with DACA applications and renewals, and providing translation services for asylum cases.

Andréa has been appointed as counsel by the Federal Court on multiple 42 U.S.C. § 1983 Civil Rights cases. Andréa works with local legal-aid agencies as counsel on Asylum, Records Sealing, and Special Immigrant Juvenile cases.

Prior to law school Andréa worked as a litigation paralegal for 20 years in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, family law, and civil litigation. Andréa worked on various types of civil matters on both the plaintiff and defense side, ranging from personal injury, premises liability, medical malpractice, and bad faith to commercial litigation, administrative & regulatory law, and securities litigation. Andréa’s experience in criminal law ranges from assisting with misdemeanor and felony cases to death penalty appeals. Andréa has worked on multiple complex cases including cases that went on to become precedent in Nevada, such as Martinez v. Maruszczak, 123 Nev. 433, 168 P.3d 720 (2007) and The Drs. Co. v. Vincent, 120 Nev. 644, 98 P.3d 681 (2004).

Having emigrated from Brazil, Andréa understands the challenges faced by marginalized communities first-hand. The Vieira Firm is committed to defending the civil rights of all people, providing greater access to justice to marginalized communities, and advocating for immigrants.

We Fight for Civil Rights and Social Justice

The Vieira Firm focuses on protecting your rights. Below are some of our practice areas. Click the boxes below to learn more.


Civil Rights




Personal Injury

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Criminal Defense

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Civil Rights

Areas of Practice

The Constitution is a contract between We the People and our governments. In addition to our Constitutional rights, there are many other rights guaranteed by state and federal laws. These rights impact nearly every area of our lives. The Vieira Firm is dedicated to providing high-quality legal service to our clients in the pursuit of those rights.

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Areas of Practice

We represent individuals and employers across the country in complex Immigration court proceedings, such as asylum, naturalization, employment visas, VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) petitions, SIJ (Special Immigrant Juvenile) petitions, and deportation defense. We invite you to review our services and discuss how we can assist you.

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Personal Injury

Areas of Practice

The Vieira Firm works to protect the rights of injured people and their loved ones and help people get the justice and compensation they deserve. We handle a wide range of personal injury claims from auto accidents to wrongful death.

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We Are Dedicated to Civil Rights and Social Justice

At The Vieira Firm, we care about people, their rights, and fighting injustices in today’s society. We care about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and believe that everyone should have a voice and access to the courts. These beliefs motivate us to work hard for our clients and to use our expertise to fight for civil rights and social justice.

Client Reviews

We work hard to ensure that every one of our clients is given a voice and the means to defend their rights. See what our clients are saying. 

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Brandyn Gayler


“My civil rights were violated in 2017. I filed a lawsuit on my own. I had a difficult time researching my own evidence in the discovery phase. The Defendants in the case deflected and avoided my requests in any way they could. When Andréa Vieira took my case, she was a fierce advocate who quickly gained leverage with her abilities to discover the facts that the Defendants were withholding. She also had a way of communicating to the court and the other litigants which could foresee the best options. She is great at playing chess.

Andréa is ethical and reasonable in her communication with me as her client. She always put my best interests first. She gave me my options and told me she supported my decision. This is different than other attorneys because usually an attorney will use condescending tones due to the client’s lack of knowledge in the legal system. This makes the client feel like they must solely rely on the attorney’s advice, or they will lose. This makes the client feel powerless. This is just a manipulation tactic used by many attorneys. Andréa never did this once! She always assured me that she worked for me, and she was content with my decisions in the litigation.

Andréa ultimately negotiated a substantial settlement amount, which was equitable, to avoid an unpredictable trial. She achieved this with her perseverance and inability to give up when searching for the facts. The Defendants placed many obstacles in her way, but she had a way of navigating the litigation process where she obtained every fact hidden to preserve my civil rights.

I am very thankful that Andréa represented me in my case. I would never use any other attorney in any civil case. I recommend you retain her if you believe your civil rights have been violated, or you have any other litigation to resolve.”

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The best way to protect and defend your rights and civil liberties is to be educated and informed about what your rights are. Read blogs, articles, and find resources curated by us.