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the right to seek just compensation for harm caused to your body or mind

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A Nevada Public Interest Law Firm Dedicated to Fighting for People Who Have Been Injured and the Families of Those Who Were Killed.

When you have suffered harm due to the negligence or fault of another, you are entitled to seek financial compensation for any damages, expenses, or harm suffered as a result. We have over 20 years of legal experience working on both the plaintiff and defense sides, ranging from personal injury, premises liability, medical malpractice, and bad faith to commercial litigation.  The Vieira Firm brings this expertise into every personal injury case to fight for our clients’ rights to recover the full compensation they are entitled to.

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Areas of Personal Injury Law

One of the most common types of personal injury cases are car crashes. Our law firm handles crashes that include car, motorcycle, and pedestrian victims. In these cases it is important to understand your right to seek compensation for injuries, as well as the fair handling of the claim by the insurance company, if you were at fault. Insurance companies often do not look out for your best interests, whether you’re their insured or you were hurt by their insured. We care about your health and your well-being above all, and will fight for the best result for your case.
In civil law, assault and battery are two different things. An assault is when someone places you in fear of imminent bodily harm, such as pointing a gun at you or threatening to strike you with a weapon or their bare hands. On the other hand, a battery occurs when a person is injured through actual contact, even if the contact was not aimed at them. If you have suffered any injury as a result of an assault or battery, The Vieira Firm can help you seek just compensation for all your injuries.

The Vieira Firm understands Nevada’s wrongful death laws. If someone you love was killed as a result of negligence or an intentional act, call us. The Vieira Firm has the understanding and compassion that you need during this difficult time and will put its knowledge and experience to work for you.

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