This article was originally published in: Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada: Volunteer Spotlight; Pro Bono Volunteer of the Month – June 2022 – 


Andrea-Vieira-Headshot-1 Andréa is a Brazilian immigrant. Like many immigrants, she came to this Country looking for better opportunities. After working as a paralegal for over twenty years, she decided to attend law school at William S. Boyd School of Law. After graduation, Andréa clerked for the Honorable Kerry Earley until she retired.

In March of 2022, while working for a trial law firm, Andréa decided to open her law firm, focusing her practice on civil rights and social justice. At this time, she started volunteering with Legal Aid of Southern Nevada.

She has found that working with Legal Aid is central to her goal of providing greater access to justice to the people in our community who need it most. She has worked on numerous pro bono matters, from immigration to civil law rights cases. When asked why she does pro bono, Andréa said there are not enough lawyers to help everyone who needs it.

She feels fortunate to be in a position where she can give back to the community and help people who cannot afford legal representation. She wants to do her part in providing access to justice for people who need it regardless of income or socio-economic status. Andréa strongly believes that every lawyer should take at least one pro bono case and experience the great pleasure of serving others.

We asked Andréa to tell us about a memorable client, and she said she is just getting started and is positive all her clients will have something special about their cases and situations. Nonetheless, she recently had the joy of assisting a young boy with his deportation proceeding and having the case dismissed. The boy fled gangs in El Salvador on foot and walked months and a hundred miles to the USA, on a journey where he had to cross a river filled with garbage and all the dangers he encountered to make it to this Country. This young boy’s journey is not over, but for now, he doesn’t have to worry about being deported. For Andréa, this is a victory, and she takes joy in knowing she was able to be the voice for this young man and help him with his journey.

The Pro Bono Project would not have such success if it were not for volunteer attorneys like Andréa.  She certainly brings a glimmer of hope and happiness to the lives she touches through our program.